Rising Stars

Rising Stars is a high quality program within Burlington Elementary School that offers much more than childcare. It is a program designed to provide students with the opportunity to thrive and grow. We are committed to creating an environment where your child is nurtured, encouraged, motivated and happy. Our focus is on the overall growth and development of each child to help them realize their full potential and help them foster a life-long love of learning.
Some of the goals of Rising Stars are to:

  • Offer quality childcare to preschool and kindergarten children in a school setting
  • Reinforce positive social skills which will help children succeed in preschool and kindergarten
  • Offer enrichment activities which will help the children enjoy academics
  • Offer a program that complements regular preschool and kindergarten activities
  • Work with preschool and kindergarten teachers on specific social or academic needs of a child

The daily schedule will include learning through play, science, math, language arts, circle time, crafts, rest time, recess, and lunch and snacks. Students will participate in individual and small group instruction, large group lessons and are guaranteed to have lots and lots of fun!

For more information please contact Kristin Davis, 303-776-8861 or
To Register online with the district:
Rising Stars

Fully licensed through the State of Colorado