Brian Huey

Education & Accomplishments: I earned a BA in Sociology with a minor in Kinesiology/Applied Physiology and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado. I am currently a member of the district math leadership team and school tech committee. I am honored to have won an Encore Teaching Award in 2009 and St. Vrain teacher of the month the following year. I am currently nominated for a Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Year started at Burlington: I have had the good fortune of teaching at Burlington since 2003-WOW! Best staff- hands down!! Hometown: I grew up right here in "Longtucky" aka Longmont. Upon graduating from college, I moved to California. But, the mountains and kindness of Coloradoans brought me home. Family: Wife Shannon, daughter Makena ("Mak", "Maky", "Mighty Mak") and son Maddox ("Max", "Meatloaf"). We have an amazing mutt named Onyx, a diva of a dog named Eva, and a nasty, bitter old cat named Bo. Hobbies: Where to start? Snowboarding, skateboarding, running, music, ...and almost any sport involving a ball. Favorite Book: Hard to narrow it down. Biographies tend to be my genre of choice. I loved "Scar Tissue: The story of Anthony Keidis. As for children's literature, "The Watsons Go To Burmingham- 1963" is an amazing story for young readers and adults alike. What I about teaching: "There is purpose and humor in every day. Kids never cease to challenge, teach, and surprise me." To the students: People make choices, and those choices define the person over a lifetime. Students, thank you for making Burlington an amazing school. You make us proud!