St. Vrain Valley Schools Launches New Initiative to Close the Word Gap

As St. Vrain Valley Schools continues to advance our programs that support our youngest learners, we are proud to announce a new partnership with the LENA Research Foundation and the OUR Center in Longmont that will prepare infants and toddlers (0-3 years) for school by encouraging parents to talk and engage more with their children.

Exposure to language – even at the youngest ages – is essential to developing the skills needed for literacy, speech and school readiness. As part of this exciting partnership, parents can utilize “talk pedometers” to measure how many words their child hears in a day and how much their children are responding. This incredible tool helps families understand the impact of language in their homes and increase their engagement with their children. Results from other implementations of this technology show a significant increase in the number of words an infant or toddler is exposed to, resulting in significant growth of those children’s language scores.

In its first year in St. Vrain Valley Schools, there will be 15 spots available for families to register for this unique program. Please see the enclosed flyer for more information and registration details.

Enrollment Information

Class will begin on June 3rd and will run for 13 weeks through August 26th at the OUR Center at 220 Collier Street in Longmont. Class time will start at 10:30 am with the group capacity capped at 15 participants. Families can call the OUR center for details at 303-772-5529.  

  • Informational Flyer: English and Spanish

Thank you for being such an important part of our early childhood community. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Preschool Program office at 303-702-7815.

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