Superintendent’s Update: We are the #StVrainStorm

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We are the #StVrainStorm! Listen to principals from Mead High and Silver Creek High share district achievements at the recent basketball match-up between the two schools. We are providing current and future generations a strong competitive advantage so that all students can achieve success in a globalized world. Click here to learn more about the #StVrainStorm advantage.

Letter from the Superintendent

Dear St. Vrain Valley Community,

Thank you for your partnership and support as we continue to celebrate another outstanding year in St. Vrain Valley Schools. I am so proud of the commitment, hard work, ingenuity, and creativity of our students, teachers, and staff that have propelled our students to unprecedented levels of success. 

St. Vrain Valley Schools has achieved the highest on-time graduation rate of any district in the Denver Metro area, and the highest of any district in Colorado with more than 300 graduates. St. Vrain’s Hispanic graduation rate, at 88.3%, is also the highest of any district in the Denver Metro Area. In addition to having the highest graduation rate in the Denver Metro Area, St. Vrain also has the most rigorous graduation requirements at 24.5 credits. St. Vrain also has the lowest dropout rate in the Denver Metro Area at 0.6%.

The investments that have been made across our system for the past decade have been delivering strong returns in academic success and student achievement. For over ten years investments into providing a world-class education to our students have included: 

  • high-quality preschool and full-day kindergarten;
  • an emphasis on STEM, robotics, and design-thinking in grades PK-12;
  • a nationally recognized system for workforce pathways, industry credentials, and cutting-edge career and technical education programs;
  • rigorous academic experiences through Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), focus program pathways, concurrent enrollment courses, P-TECH programs (Pathways through Technology Early College High School), and high graduation requirements;
  • significant programming and supports to advance early literacy and math skills; 
  • expanded school day through our Achievement Acceleration Academy (AAA) after-school program, as well as extended the school year through the month of June through Project Launch; 
  • increased opportunities and engagement in athletics, visual and performing arts, and co-curricular programs; 
  • expanded technology access for all students, including internet access; 
  • and so much more. 

These investments are possible through the strong support of our community and the district’s focus on strategic and conservative fiscal management. This has included debt refinancing, payment structuring, and early debt payoff strategies which have saved taxpayers approximately $82.3 million over the past two decades. This includes $36.8 million saved in December alone, a testament to the district’s conservative financial planning and its dedication to the community’s economic well-being. 

We are grateful for our community’s support and we are committed to using resources in the most fiscally responsible way. Toward this end, as we look to the future and prepare for continued growth, we are engaging our community in dialogue regarding a potential bond initiative on the 2024 ballot. What is unique about this potential bond initiative is that due to existing community investment, strong financial management, and growth in population and economic strength, the 2024 bond will not increase property taxes*. Bond funds will go toward continued investments that will provide the education that today’s students will need for tomorrow’s jobs and careers, including skilled trades (plumbing, electrical, and construction), computer systems, cybersecurity, healthcare, and more. It will also fund broader and enhanced safety and security measures in school buildings, critical building maintenance and upgrade electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, provide classroom additions and construction of new school buildings to address overcrowding and future enrollment, and continue the district’s commitment to academic excellence, safety, and accountability. Please look for more information over the next several months as we continue to get feedback from our community and finalize planning.

Our successes today and into the future are what we call our #StVrainStorm – a vortex of achievement, advancement, and infinite potential that encapsulates the strong competitive advantage that St. Vrain Valley Schools provides to our students. Please take a moment to read through the incredible stories and highlights below from our #StVrainStorm of success over the past several months. Thank you for all that you do to support our students, teachers, staff, schools, and community.

Thank you,
Don Haddad, Ed.D.
X (Twitter): @SVVSDSupt

Featured Stories

Academic excellence

St. Vrain Valley Schools Achieves the Highest Graduation Rate in Denver Metro Area

St. Vrain Valley Schools has achieved the highest on-time graduation rate in the district’s history, at 93.3%. This is also the highest graduation rate of any district in the Denver Metro area, and the highest of any district in Colorado with more than 300 graduates.
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Community Excellence

St. Vrain Valley Schools Lowers Rates for Property Taxes Collected in 2024

As the district has continued to strengthen and advance student achievement and opportunities, it has also focused heavily on strong financial management and systems that will ensure the best use of community resources and investment.
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Outstanding Opportunities

St. Vrain High Schools Achieve Recognition on College Board’s Advanced Placement School Honor Roll

Eight high schools within St. Vrain Valley Schools have been honored with the distinguished College Board AP School Honor Roll designation, acknowledging outstanding student performance on college-level Advanced Placement exams.
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Important Reminders, Events, and Opportunities

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We’re Hiring! Join the #StVrainStorm

Join a highly supportive and effective team of professionals who are having a significant impact on the lives of students and families in our community.
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Family Engagement

St. Vrain Parent University

St. Vrain’s Parent University program provides training, information, and resources to parents and caregivers in order to support the well-being and success of their children. 
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Important Reminder

Summer Camps in St. Vrain

St. Vrain Valley Schools offers robust summer programming options to keep students engaged in their academic learning.
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Stapp Inspires Educator Highlight

In partnership with Stapp Toyota we recognize Delaine Plakorus and Tony Delisa-Ludwig, the counseling team at New Meridian High School for their exceptional and inspiring work.

*Passage of the 2024 bond will not impose any new school district property tax and will not increase the district’s existing annual debt repayment obligation. Based on the current tax formula, it is specifically designed to not increase your existing school district taxes, and may even result in a lowering of existing property taxes, similar to the tax reduction the district made in January 2024.

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